Stand up as one to violent persecution in Africa

Arise Africa: a campaign to stand with violently persecuted Christians in Sub Saharan Africa

Right now, there are more Christians in Africa than anywhere else in the world – and the church is
youthful and growing. But the extreme, persistent aggression towards our brothers and sisters in parts of
the region puts the future of the church at risk. It’s time for Christians in Africa to join in prayer for our persecuted family on the continent so that they persevere, and remain resilient, resourceful and influential.

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Extraordinary Prayer

Every disciple making movement in history has happened in the context of extraordinary prayer.

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Join us in asking, seeking, and knocking for streams of disciples and churches to be made.

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24/7 Every Day

Choose a 15-minute (or more!) time slot that you can pray during each day. Invite someone else to sign up too.

“I ask for your prayers – because that is what sustains me.” Gertrude, from DRC

Gertrude* was shot three times when Islamic extremists attacked, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her husband was killed and her young son taken. Since then, she says, everything is difficult.

*name changed for security reason

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